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Bantum and her Ducklings



Welcome to our little piece of heaven at Rudugast's Ideal!

     Rudugast's Ideal is a small farm dedicated to the preservation of heritage livestock and heirloom plants. For more about our philosophy see the about us page.

     This site was created to showcase not only our animals and plants, but to provide general information about the breeds and to provide links and information that we have gathered over the years. Follow the links to the various breeds, go to the main livestock page to learn more about our animals, or check out the gardening page for more about our plants.

Check out: Nigerian Dwarf & Mini LaMancha Goats
Shetland Sheep † American Guinea Hogs
Welsh Harlequin Ducks † Pied Guineas

Welsummer ChickensMidget White Turkeys
Italian Bees Great Pyrenees LGDs Silver Fox Rabbits
Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

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The Three Amigos

Great Pyrenees


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