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Utility White King Pigeons

These are our first step in the world of altricial birds. They are very beautiful and have a definite feeling of peace about them. It is amazing that a snow white bird can be so beautiful.
The King is a utility bird that is often used for squab production. Our lines are utilitarian and have been selected to still be able to home as well.

Pigeons mate for life and seem quite devoted to one another. They have a very high reproductive rate. Before one clutch is flying, the pair is nesting again. Another interesting fact is that pigeons produce "pigeon milk", a cheese like substance to feed the young. The squabs have an amazing growth rate. They begin as tiny, naked chicks and are fully grown within about 28 days. The young are quite fat just before they begin to fly looking like a cross between Jabba the Hutt and a dodo bird.

Pigeon chick showing a face only a mother could love

The pigeons are very social birds and coo at us as we are working outside.

Seymour, Rev. Colin (Ed)(2006) Australian Fancy Pigeons National Book of Standards.

  • LATIN NAME: Columba livia
  • ORIGIN : United States in the 1890's
  • BREEDING : Crossing stock of Duchess, Homer, Maltese, and Runt
  • EGGS: white two per clutch
  • SIZE : large approximately 1.5 lbs
  • STATUS: Common
  • TEMPERAMENT : Docile and friendly. Very calm. Excellent parents






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