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Mini LaManchas

There has been a move in the past few years to create miniatures of some dairy goat breeds. Mini LaManchas start out as a cross between Nigerian and LaMancha breeds. The crosses are chosen for their trueness to the LaMancha breed and are then re-crossed to create a genetically stable mini breed.


LaShall fell in love with these guys while visiting Dawn Hurd of Simple Pleasures Farm. Dawn and Phil Hurd have been working on the breed for several years. Their lines include Twin Creeks, Kastdemur, Dream-Weavers, Gay-mor, and Spiritwind.


The American LaMancha was first recognized in 1958. Mrs. Eula Frey developed the LaMancha goat in Oregon from short-eared goats found in Spain. There are two lengths of ears recognized in LaManchas, gopher and elf. Gopher is almost nonexistence ears. Elf is less than two inches long and turned down. LaManchas can be of any color. LaManchas are known for their dairy character, adaptability and their ears.


Mini LaManchas are bred to stay true to the LaMancha breed. They combine the best of both breeds. They have the maintainability of Nigerians, but the milk production of the LaManchas.





Our MiniManchas are registered with the MDGA and TMGR



Mini-LaMancha Goats
    aka Mini Mancha

  • LATIN NAME: Capra hircus
  • ORIGIN : United States
  • SIZE :
  • STATUS : Developing
  • TEMPERAMENT : docile, inquisitive, excellent mothers, excellent milk production.

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