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American Guinea Hogs

The Guinea hog is not a guinea pig nor is it a potbelly pig. The Guinea hog is small, weighing 150-250 pounds and standing about 17 inches as an adult. They are black and often hairy with upright ears, and a curly tail. Our hogs are long and lean. They have the appearance of a small bacon hog, although they are classified as a lard hog.  
4 Month old Guinea Hogs

The background of the guinea hog is mysterious. There is some discussion of them having a West African origin with Essex blood mixed in as well. Guinea hogs are unique to America. In the late 1800's to early 1900's, they were a popular breed. In recent decades, the guinea hog became rare. In fact, at one time there were only 35 left in the country. As of 2006 there are less than 200 (ALBC).


The guinea hog is well suited to small livestock production, as it has a happy demeanor. Guinea hogs are very tamable and gentle. Historically, Guinea hogs were used to keep away snakes, eat household refuse, and provide pork and lard for the family.


The guinea hog is more of a browser than other breeds. However, they are quite capable of cleaning up weedy area and acting as tillers to turn the soil. We have come to call them our little gardener.


The guinea hog is very intelligent. Most of ours will come to their names and "set" for an ear scratch or a treat. There are five bloodlines left of these magnificent creatures. Our original stock came from Skyfire Farm and has three of the major bloodlines--Ohio, Nebraska, and Virginia.



American Guinea Hog

  • LATIN NAME: Sus scrofa
  • ORIGIN : Unknown
  • BREEDING : North American Land Race
  • LITTER SIZE: 4-8
  • SIZE : 150-250 Pounds, Typically under 18 inches in height
  • STATUS: Critical
    (approx. 200 in 2006)
  • TEMPERAMENT : intelligent, docile, inquisitive, people friendly, Excellent Mothers!


Registered in the American Guinea Hog Association (AGHA).




Micki Taylor & Paul Krumm

Skyfire Farm



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